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Patti Leota Genack - Artist Vita

I started making beads in 1997 with the idea that I would be using them as components in my mixed media sculptures. Somehow I got distracted away from the idea of components and started to make little sculptures out of glass that were also beads.

I have a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in Printmaking. My love was lithography. I started drawing life size figurative charcoals upon moving to Denver since I no longer had access to a printing press. I'm something of a pack rat which developed into making mixed media sculptures in addition to drawing and painting. It wasn't much of a leap for me to start making sculptural beads. I started with abstract beads with rings and then ruffles and soon I was making glass horse beads. Not a huge stretch of my imagination since I live in a small ranching community in the Wet Mountains of Colorado.

Since those initial forays into sculptural beadmaking I've expanded my Western line of beads to include horses, cowboy boots, cowgirls in chaps, steer skulls and cowboy hats. I am involved with numerous Rock Art Associations in the West. This interest inspired me to make my petroglyph beads.

I grew up in New Jersey just nine miles from the big Apple. Well, when I was 8 my dentist asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said that I wanted to be a cowgirl. He told me I would have to pick something else because there weren't any cowgirls anymore. Ouch! I went home totally crushed. Well I'm still not really a cowgirl (no horse and no cows), but I can dress up and I make the cutest cowgirl beads to wear for the cowgirl in all of us.


Kudos, and Teaching

....Glass Artist
I've studied under Loren Stump (1999), Luccio Bubacco (in Murano, Italy--2003), Leah Fairbanks (2002), and Kate Fowle (2007) .

....PMC Artist
I'm certified in PMC under Rio Grande (1999) and PMCC (2001) the later with whom I became a senior level instructor (2001-2007).

....Fine Artist
My training encompasses Tamarind Institute, NM. Professional Printers Training Program (1984),
Masters in Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Oregon (1982-4)
Five years of Printmaking at Pratt Graphics Center, NYC ((1976-81).

....Award highlights
Colorado Council on the Arts Scholarship for Anderson Ranch in Snowmass (1997)
Rocky Mountain Womans Institute Associate (1990-1)
A Ucross Foundation Residency in Wyoming (1987).

....My work, both fine and bead/jewelry, is in both national and international collections, private and museum.

I've taught printmaking in NYC, Oregon and Denver , Bookbinding in Oregon and Denver, PMC nation wide. I was a presenter the ISGB Gathering in Kentucky in 2005 demonstrating a horse bead.


....2012.....Glassline Magazine, June/July issue, Small but Beautiful: Top 40 International beads/beadmakers

....2012.....Bead Trends Magazine, September Issue, Featured Artist in Fabulous Findings

....2007.....Metamorphosis ISGB Juried Show Publication

....2007.....PMC Decade by Tim Mc Creight

....2007.....Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry by Sherri Haab

....2004.....1000 Glass Beads Lark Books

....2004.....Precious Metal Clay in Mixed Media by Mary Ann Devos

Bead trends magazine Bead trends magazine

September 2012 Bead Trends Magazine



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