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Cowboy Boot Glass Beads

Cowboy boots for your jewelry box instead of your closet! Expand your collection of cowboy boots to ones you can wear for truly unique cowgirl jewelry.

My glass cowboy boot beads are all hand sculpted in the round. There is an image or design on both sides of the boot. These are my basic lines of glass cowboy boot beads. These are hand sculpted so they will vary in size and design. I try and keep up with my website, but designs do go out of production.

Custom orders are always welcome as they provide new inspiration for my cowgirl jewelry and glass beads. Your landscape, ranch brand or the favorite cowboy boots you wear on your feet are all possible!

All boots will stand by themselves for display. Boot pendant beads are 1-1.5" high with a vertical hole.

Boots earrings are generally $40. Many of the designs below are available in matching earrings. Coordinated hat earrings or a combo pair of a hat/boot!

Glass Cowboy Boots with landscapes

Landscape boots are $50-60. Left to right they are: Canon Beach-Oregon, Mountain & Plains, Forest, Red Desert. AND I guess my only Theme boot is Day of the Dead

Glass Silhouette Cowboy Boots

Silhouette boots are $35-40. Forest or Flower design on a variegated color background. These were inspired by 1930 cut paper silhouettes. I just saw a cutout with figures on horseback in silhouette... a challenge to make one like that!

Girlie Cowgirl Boots

Girlie boots range in price in $35-40.

Inlay Cowboy Boots

Inlay boots are $45-50.

Stitched Cowboy Boots

Stitched boots are $35-50.

Exotic Cowboy Boots

Exotic boots are meant to represent exotic leather, hide/fur/feather and semi-precious stones. Exotic top or bottom $35-40.

Glass Boots with copperspursGlass Boots with copper spursGlass Boots with copper spurs

Cowboy boot glass beads are available with the addition of copper electroformed spurs. Each spur and strap is unique since each is painstakingly hand painted on then immersed in an electroforming solution for 8-10 hours. Cubic Zirconia and semi precious stones can be added to the spurs for a bit of tiny bling. Check out my techniques page.

Another pretty adornment is the addition of a tiny sterling chain around the cowboy boot’s ankle. I also can paint and fire on palladium boot tips. These look like slightly tarnished silver and will not scratch off. I have tried!

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