Glass Horse Ranch Glass Beads

Unique Cowgirl Jewelry

made with the cutest Cowgirl Beads in the West!

Cowgirls are presently only available by custom order.

Cowgirl Up with a handmade cowgirl necklace. Done out in vintage bat wing chaps and 10 gallon hats these Cowgirl glass beads have personally plus! Each Cowgirl glass bead is hand sculpted in the round. She is as good looking from the back as she is from the front. Your Cowgirl bead can be like one shown on my website or you can personalize her with braid color, cowboy hat color, chaps color and style, etc.

Cowgirl beads front and back with murrini

My Bella Vaqueras! Cowgirl Glass Beads are approx. 1.5-2" tall with a vertical hole. Cowgirl beads are $120 with decorated chaps and $130 with Conchos on their chaps. All chaps are fringed unless requested otherwise. Cowgirl beads strung on handmade colored leather barbed wire necklaces are $20 additional.

cowgirls on leather6 cowgirl beads


Cowboy Hat Glass Pendants and Bolas


Cowboy hat beads

Glass Cowboy Hats are available in two sizes.

Small Glass Cowboy Hats are about 1/2". Small Cowboy Hats are available as tie or lapel pins $20, small hat pendants $15, or as a pair of Cowboy Hat earrings $40.

Large Glass Cowboy Hats are about 1 1/4" - 1 1/2". Large Cowboy Hats look best with an electroformed braided copper wire hatband and start at $50. Large Cowboy Hat pendants without hatband start at $40. Large Glass Cowboy Hats look great on my handmade leather barbed wire necklaces $20-25, or on silk cord $2.50 plus findings.


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