Glass Horse Beads

Two Bay Horses Bronco horse bead Paint horse bead

unicorn bead Blue Pegasus bead

Paint horse with matching bail Frisian horse bead 2 Paint horse beads

I have posted a sampling of horse beads and necklaces here to give a general idea of the range of possibilities. I'll try and get a few more up here and soon I will have a custom order page up so you can see some of the work I've done for other customers. My glass horse beads are all hand sculpted beads (no molds) made primarily with soft glass from Italy. They all have vertical holes and run in size from 3"L x 2"H to 2"L to 1.5" H. Their price range is $55. for one color, $60. for paints (spots) and socks, $65. for patterns and swirls, $70. for Appaloosas (silver folio and melted frit) and $75. Indian Plains pony with murinni patterned saddle and trappings. All horses are one of a kind.

2 mule beads Fjord horse bead

Glass Horse Necklaces

If you are interested in a specific breed of horse you can email or mail me photos. I will email you JPEGs of what I make for you. I will also be happy to make your horse (or mule) from a photo. No extra charge for custom horses. Or you can check my show schedule to see if I will be in your area so you can pick one or more out in person.

Paint Pony with with shades of blue lampwork beads Amber and Gold Foil glass horse necklace

A paint pony necklace strung with shades of blue lampwork beads (made by myself also), faceted jasper and turquoise. A tile brown and frit pony strung with amber and bumpy glassbeads and faceted jasper

Amber and gold Pony glass horse necklace

An amber and gold foil pony necklace strung with coordinating lentil beads and pearls. A Plains Indian pony strung with coordinating lentil beads and obsidian beads.

Frisian and Black Flowers Black Appaloosa pony necklace

Black Frisian horse strunk with black and transparent grey flowers, smaller glass spacer beads and obsidian. Frit on a black pony strung with mixed beads.

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"Horses... if God made anything more beautiful, He kept it for Himself." ~ unknown