Glass Beadmaking and Electroforming Techniques


Glass Beadmaking Techniques

My Glass Beads are made right here in the USA from very ancient glass techniques. Well melting glass over a flame, a lamp, is an ancient glass technique. I use a very modern torch that mixes propane and oxygen. The glass I use melts at the low temperature of about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit so it is called soft glass. The hardest glass artists are presently working with you probably know as Pyrex. Soft glass comes in wonderful colors as you can tell by my beads.

I also make sculptural Glass Beads which is a modern, 20th century innovation. I wish I could say it was mine, but no. I am the first glass beadmaker to make full body sculptural horses and am still at present the only one making cowgirls, cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I am the first, and as far as I know the only one, who is making sculptural interpretations of American Rock Art, Petroglyphs. So what you will find here on my website is original artisan glass work that you can wear.

Lampworking Glass Bead Techniques

Electroforming Techniques

Electroforming really simply is an electric current taking metal, copper in my case, from a chunk of copper and placing it on an object. I use hammered down copper plumbing pipe for my chunk of copper and I am placing it onto my glass beads, my cowboy boots and cowboy hats primarily.

Kate Fowle, a fellow beadmaker, was the first to start electroforming on her glass beads. I have some innovations in electroforming glass beads though. I am the first to attach copper wire & sheet, small filigree, other beads and cubic zirconia to my glass beads during the process of electroforming.

Electroforming Glass Bead Techniques



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