Petroglyph Beads

petrogylph beads with headdresses petrogylph beads with different ears petrogylph beads with different horns

Petroglyph Figures with the basic variations.Photos left to right. Figures with headdresses. Headdresses are sterling silver or copper stringing cable crimped on. Middle photo. Figures with bear, lion or owl ears; buffalo, antelope or ram horns. Far right photo. Second from right has electroformed horns. Far right figure is electroformed copper over most of the bead.

Petrogylph Figures

These petroglyphs or pictographs have leapt off their stone walls to become beads. They are all made of soft glass. The goddesses (no legs), the shamans (legs and more) and the masks all have horizontal holes only. They range in size from 1" high to 3" (the goddess).

Petrogylph Animals

Sheep, bears, turtles, have horizontal or vertical holes. All petroglyph animals are with 2 legs in profile. Photo below right

. The animals generally are very similar from bead to bead, but the figures are distinctly one of kind. Please ask for a jpg photo to be emailed to you if you would like to know what I have in stock.

petrogylph ram beads strung into bracelets petrogylph animal beads

Petroglyph ram bracelets. Photo on right is of various animal beads.

rams head necklace Single pole Anthropomorphs 2 headed sheep necklace  Shield necklace

South Texas inspired three Anthropomorph Necklace. Big horn sheep necklace(WY). Two headed sheep necklace (St. George, UT). Shield necklace(st. George, UT).>


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